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This site is purely for breeders interested in information gathering of Standardbred sires to gain the best result for your bloodline mare.This is all free of charge information, with no link to any                                     Standardbred stud farms.

First of all let me give you a little background about myself. I am a small breeder who breeds to race. I come from a clinical background where evidence of proven data was paramount. The same can be said when choosing a sire for your mare.

The more proven data the better the outcome.

The idea is to breed a foal with a bigger percentage of making the racetrack.

When we look at standardbred foals, only 60% of foals will race at sometime in their life, and of these approx 55% will win races.

 Why are the percentages so low? good question..

 Could be the foal was injured as a weanling or yearling,

 Did not have the mental ability to race or incorrectly bred etc etc.

This is where Standardbred Breeding For All will give you proven sire data over bloodline broodmares.  

Also in the site you will find other racing and breeding information

located in the breeding extras box above. 


Please read the Directory notes before you start your search for your choice of sire,         


A Big THANK YOU to Dr Ron Groves and Simon Morris

for the use of Classic Families and Data, 

 Also B4BREEDING for related breeding and sire information.

HRNZ and USTA for the link pages to leading sire reports.

The Meadowlands and Woodbine Entertainment Group for live racing links. 

Also to Heather Vitale for permission to link to her website and TV shows.


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Kind Regards. Kevin


Vision Statement.

The websites objective is to increase breeding and ownership of standardbreds worldwide, and to attract new personal to the industry. The website is an information centre where you can access data and information on sires,breeding,articles etc etc.
The site is not for personal gain, nor does it suggest sires for your mares, the idea is the data and information contained in the website will help you research your choice of bloodline sire with your bloodline mare with proven data and information, hoping that your progeny bred is the best result for your mare.

                               Just click on the bloodline sire box's on the top of page                                                                         for  classic winners and pedigrees.                          

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