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  The objective of this website, is to give breeders  proven data on sires progeny. A case of what bloodline sire is 

  well proven to certain bloodline broodmares with progeny pedigree's to research.

 You will find this data and information in the website. You will see as above, Bloodline sire box's, simply click on the

 box of choice, you will then enter a page with that sire and his son's . Click on the sire of choice box, this will then

give you what bloodline broodmares are working with this sire,  it will also give  progeny examples with pedigree

charts of clasic winning progeny . When you enter a page  of all that sires classic winning progeny, just click on the horse's name, and that will give you a four generation breeding chart. If you require six generation breeding, just

hit the pedigree box on the far left hand side . Also you can click on any name in the breeding charts, and that will also give you information. To navigate in and out of pages within the website, just click the back arrow, or click the

bloodline sire box to go back to selection. Don't forget to close down a page when it opens outside the website,

 this will help with to many pages opened and slowing down your computer. 

If you visit the breeding extras box, you will find links to live and race replays of both pacing

and trotting races from North America. Also links to free news and stories on breeding and racing, including upto

date leading sires data from North America and New Zealand. And much much more...

  If at any time you come across links or pages that won't open in the website, PLEASE email me with the problem.

You will find the email link and address on the home page, you can also email me any feedback, good or bad about

the website, and anys ideas or suggestions on improvements, sires data missing etc etc.

 Kind Regards.

Standardbred Breeding For All. 

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