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 Standardbred Broodmare Sires Data.


      The below links are to Broodmare Sires Data. For example the Abercrombie box below, click on the box, this will                        open up in  a new window with a list of Abercrombie broodmare sire progeny. Click the progeny's name for 4                            generation pedigree.

       If you would like a 6 generation pedigree, just click the pedigree tab far right.

       It is hoped this data will be useful to your decision on a sire for your broodmare with this proven data.

      If you think a bloodline broodmare sire is missing, simply  hit the email button on the home page and fill in the                        content etc.  HAPPY BREEDING & BREED A CHAMPION.

      The broodmare sire's are sons of Abercrombie/Artsplace..Most Happy Fella/Cam Fella/Cams Card Shark etc..

      Direct Scooter/Matts Scooter etc..Falcon Seelster....In The Pocket.....No Nukes/Western Hanover etc.
























                                    MOST HAPPY FELLA-CAM FELLA AND CAMS CARD SHARK

                                          BLOODLINE SON'S BROODMARE SIRES.


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