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      Camluck.        By Cam Fella out of a Striking Image {Strike Out} Mare.


 Selection of Bloodline broodmares who have proven winning progeny by  Camluck Include...


Abercrombie, Albatross, Apaches Fame, Artiscape, Artsplace, Big Towner, Bruce Gimble,

Coal Harbour, Dexter Nukes, Direct Scooter, Falcon Seelster, Flight Of Fire, Jate Lobell,

Life Sign, Matts Scooter, Niatross, No Nukes, Ralph Hanover, Sonsam, Striking Force,

Threefold, Towners Big Guy, Walton Hanover, Western Hanover.


             Common bloodlines in broodmares maternal family of winning progeny include.

                             { which is the broodmares Dam, Grand Dam etc etc.


Meadow Skipper and sons Albatross, Most Happy Fella, Falcon Almahurst and bloodline strains.

Tar Heel, Adios, Brenna Hanover, Hale Dale, Gene Abbe, Shadow Wave, Bret Hanover, Overtrick,

No Nukes, Big Towner, Good Time, Race Time, Worthy Boy, Volomite, Golden Miss,  Ensign Hanover,

Scotland, K Nora, Knight Dream, Best Of All, Baron Hanover.


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